White pepper consists of only the inner seed of the pepper berry, with the pericarp removed. To make white pepper, the berry is picked fully ripe. Its outer shrunken skin is rubbed off, exposing the dried, greyish-white pepper inside.
White pepper – and hence, its powder – has a milder, more delicate flavour than black pepper because it contains lesser piperine, the volatile oil that gives pepper its characteristic flavour. It is useful for adding a peppery flavour to light-coloured sauces and soups.

1. Fully ripe / over ripe berries are selected.
2. They are crushed lightly, filled in muslin bag and are Soaked in slowly, which helps in decomposition of berry skin.
3. The skin is removed by rubbing the berries in sieves.
4. After removal of skin, the berries are washed and are sun- dried for 3-4 days to get white pepper.

White pepper is mostly used in light-colored dishes like white sauces and mashed potatoes for aesthetic reason. It is also common in Chinese cooking, and is also used in aromatic Vietnamese soups and pork dishes, as well as in many Swedish preparations.
It can be sprinkled over eggs and a variety of cheeses for additional flavoring. It combines very well with salads, cold cuts, sandwiches, balsamic tomatoes and is mostly used as a flavoring agent.
White pepper is also commonly used and is popular among chefs for its slightly milder flavor and the light color that compliments white sauces, mayonnaise, souffles, and other light-colored dishes.

1.White pepper, or in fact all peppers contain capsaicin, a hot substance which generates heat. This fundamental property of pepper is utilized by using it in pain relieving gels and sprays.
2.Due to the presence of capsaicin, pepper helps in burning the fats inside the body and thus helps in losing weight.
3.As per the research conducted at the University of Nottingham and the American Association of Cancer Research, Capsaicin in white pepper can kill some of the cancerous cells.
4.White pepper is also quite helpful in treating headaches. A pain in the head develops when the neuropeptide, substance P transmits pain to the brain. However, capsaicin can block this transmission and thus alleviate the symptoms of a headache.
5.Those affected by a bad cough and sore throat must consume white pepper powder with a little bit of raw honey to seek relief.
6.The heat generated by white pepper can help one clear the nasal tract and relieve nasal congestion.
7.Consumption of white pepper can kill the ulcer-causing bacteria in stomach and intestines.
8. White pepper is rich in flavonoids, and vitamins C and A, it is quite helpful in keeping the blood pressure under control.
9. White pepper is rich in flavonoids,  vitamins C and A, it is quite helpful in keeping the blood pressure under control and Vitamins A, K, and C. It contains a large quantity of manganese, iron, and dietary fibers and thus ensures a healthy supply of minerals to the body.
10. White pepper powder is known to provide relief from toothaches when used in combination with clove oil or table salt.
11. White pepper is also considered quite effective for seeking a cure to cataract. Combine with almonds in a 1:5 ratio and then mix with brown sugar and ghee.

General Specification
Product Type White Pepper
Product Colour Grayish white
Synonym Piper Nigrum l. White
Odor Type Spicy
Dimensions Whole
Taste Hot, biting and pungent
Chemical Specification
Moisture 14% Max
Ash Content 3% Max
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.3% Max
Micorbiology Specification
Total Plate Count (cfu/gm) < 2 × 10(5)
Salmonella (in 25gms) Absent
Yeast and Mould (cfu/gm) < 10(3)
Coliforms (cfu/gm) < 10(2)
E.Coli (cfu/gm) < 10

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White Pepper, Safed Mirch, Tella Miriyalu, Whole white pepper (200 Grams)

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